The Perspective Of Emerging Talent

Written by Brandon Castelo
July 9, 2020

In this current day and age, the only thing that is certain is uncertainty. The world is constantly evolving, but there is no way anyone could have prepared for the way the world has been shaken. It is easy to say that unprecedented times call for unprecedented talent, but how do emerging professionals make their mark in an industry riddled with fear and anxiety?

As someone who is bold enough to assert that they are emerging talent within the advertising and marketing industry, it is not easy to remain optimistic. Jobs are being lost while hiring has slowed significantly for agency and in house positions. But from my perspective, I see just as much reason to be optimistic about how the industry is evolving.

As somber as it is to hear, the way our world has been impacted may end up becoming our new reality, long past any pandemic. What was once in person is now at a distance. Businesses that once operated in a physical sense must now find ways to adapt to a digital territory.

With the world transitioning to a digital platform, we’re entering a reality not many have faced and leaves many uncertain. But that in itself is ample opportunity for new talent to shine.

I belong to a generation that grew up in a digital landscape. Even when the internet continues to surprise and exceed expectations, it is something that my peers and I understand because it has always been our reality, stuck at home in quarantine or not.

The way we relate to the digital world is one of the biggest assets we have as new talent, and our perspective on its culture is something that agencies should be vying for.

The way digital marketing will become exceedingly more crucial in our new reality means that there will be a proliferation of it. With that I bid the question, how do you shine through the clutter and provide results to your clients?

The answer can be as simple as utilizing new talent.

The importance of creativity is only going to skyrocket, and having relevant perspectives on digital culture will be the biggest superpower marketers and advertisers can have to shine.

I have before stated that the world is constantly evolving, but agencies and businesses too must constantly evolve if they don’t want to be left behind. Not in fear and anxiety, but marching forward with an optimistic outlook and an open mind strategically. Though anxieties and fear are high, these worries can only be expunged through action.

Thus, if agencies and businesses seek growth rather than stagnation, then new talent should have no worries about emerging into the industry.

Emerging professionals can make their mark in an industry riddled with fear and anxiety by utilizing their own unique value proposition. What makes us stand apart from those with decades of experience is that we’re ambassadors of the culture that the world is embracing.

We have the ability to become more than relevant.
We have the ability to be the wave, and drive the culture forward.