How Will The Advertising and Marketing Industry Adapt To A Post COVID-19 World?

Written by Brandon Castelo
July 30, 2020

The pandemic has altered the world in unthinkable ways, but that didn’t stop mankind from adapting and continuing to work. As impossible as it seems to do, imagine a world post COVID-19 for the Marketing and Advertising industry. We have gone through months of working from home, and found ways to be just as effective from our own confines. Do we just drop all of that and return to our offices immediately? Or do we capitalize on the advantages of working from home? The answer is likely to change for each situation, because there are very notable advantages to both decisions.

Working from home is immediately a boon for those wishing to cut their daily commute. While daily traffic is something that everyone wants to avoid, dropping that commute time gives everyone back a useful period to work and be more productive throughout the day. Additionally, there are unique freedoms that working from home bestows. Beyond being able to subtly wear sweatpants, there is a unique sense of liberation that comes with working from home, caused by self managing your work and schedule. Moving to a more monetary perspective, there is also the benefit that stems from no longer needing to rent office space. While working in a collaborative space helps creativity flow, if we are able to get quality work done at home, then the first cut agencies and in-house firms can justify is to cut office spaces.

Going back to an office space is likely to be what a number of professionals are looking forward to. We may not have realized it until the pandemic, but the interactions and collaborations that happen in an office space are an insane privilege that many, including myself, took for granted. Working from a zoom call obviously lacks physical human interaction, and doesn’t quite facilitate growth the same way an office space would. In fact, I would argue that working from

home has created a number of creative boundaries that we now have to spend time to overcome, ranging from physical obstacles to even mental ones for some. With that being said, there are instances for some teams that if they don’t return to an office space, they simply just can’t continue their work.

The Afternoon Agency is a virtual pop up agency, and our cohort digitally met as complete strangers. We went through the first half of our time together with not a single person physically meeting each other. Yet we persevered, and handled clients like Apple, Heal Haus, and The Landry. There were many obstacles to overcome, but from this experience while working from home, we have all grown and flourished under the limitations we had. Would I personally have wanted it any other way? For the most part, no. As an emerging creative in the field, there were a plethora of things I learned about teamwork, communication, and even myself that I couldn’t have possibly learned any other way. While I would love the opportunity to work in an office space with my Afternoon family, I am thankful for every digital moment we had together.

I have been grateful for the silver linings that working from home during quarantine has had. But I personally believe that going to go back to a collaborative space is the direction a majority of people from the Advertising and Marketing industry are going to go. I believe it is imperative we do so, because our field isn’t created in a manner to lack human interaction. From the more tangible means of filming and photoshoots, to being in an environment that constitutes creativity. While there is no concrete answer to this predicament, what do you think is going to happen to our work situation? What would you prefer? Where we gonna work?